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Water-based rust mainly what role?

Aqueous rust, rust water-based products, by special water-based resin, fillers, functional additives and other materials, use of advanced technology refined, with good water resistance, strong rust resistance, excellent adhesion to metal substrates performance characteristics. For industrial production, construction, machinery, hardware, maintenance and other municipal industry metal protection.
Technical characteristics of water-based rust
Excellent rust resistance and oil, water, salt water, solvent resistance, dense and tough film substrate with good adhesion, easy construction, no environmental pollution, primer and finish points, a good supporting and inter-layer adhesion.
Product use aqueous rust
Special water-based rust is made of special resin based rust preventive paint and rust refined, sophisticated technology products, excellent performance, is the world's most environmentally friendly rust best, high-tech products. Mainly suitable for demanding environmental needs long-term immersion in water, metal surface rust and corrosion requirements, it is widely used in terms of submersible pumps, water tanks, water purification equipment and other aquaculture products tasteless.

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