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Four hot aqueous industrial coatings applications

Four hot aqueous industrial coatings applications
2011 industrial coatings to enhance the proportion in China's paint industry, its future development and application of hot spots will be concentrated in anti-corrosion coatings, coil coatings, functional coatings, water-based coatings of these four major areas, especially focusing on anti-corrosion coating.
1. The anti-corrosion coating
Water-based anti-corrosion coatings including anti-corrosion coating of metal structures, container ships and marine facilities anti-corrosion coatings. Our water-based anti-corrosion coatings market with its growth, has become a well-known paint company in the race to compete in the market, such as water paint, Boye investment in construction of one million tons. Water-based anti-corrosion coatings applications in the field of anti-corrosion coating on the rise, such as infrastructure, oil and gas and power industries, as well as industrial tanks, ships and chemical industries. The actual application showed that water-based industrial anti-corrosion coatings can provide effective protection for steel in extreme conditions. Since water is that they are the major solvent, water can also be used to clean and dilute aqueous coating, they have little taste solvent, while the use of water-based paint may also be a lower cost to the user, such as drying can save time, low fuel sex can reduce insurance costs and less room ventilation can reduce energy consumption, as well as solvents and cleaning agents do not need to spend on a single layer coating scheme, can save downtime and erecting scaffolding costs.
2. Coil Coatings
In recent years, color plates used in our construction industry quietly rising, driven coil coatings development. Coil Coatings previously there had been excess capacity, low-cost market disorderly competition situation, but after the rational development in recent years, in which the fluorocarbon coil coatings, high durability coil coatings, coil coatings and self-cleaning processing performance good coil coating become hot research and development, some species have started industrial production.
3. Functional Coatings
China is building a conservation-oriented society, has thermal insulation and temperature supporting the exterior paint with a reflective coating of solar energy, has become one of the hot topics, nanocomposite coatings are functional coatings force. Among them, nano-transparent insulation coating is the new darling of energy saving coatings, nano composite interior wall paint with antibacterial, odor and formaldehyde effect, is the new home improvement green paint.
4. The water-based coatings
Also China is the world wood furniture and furniture coatings (Wood) producing countries, with the continuous strengthening of environmental regulations, water-based coatings has become a development hot spot. Wherein the waterborne polyurethane coatings is the development mainstream, has a variety of industrial varieties available, the performance is close to the level of solvent-based paints, wood coatings become one of the mainstream varieties in home improvement, building renovation and other fields reflect the superior environmental performance.
It is understood that water-based paint usage in Europe has reached 80% to 90% and from April 1, 2004, the EU has banned the production, sale and use of oil-based paint. With the water-based paint product technology bottlenecks in the hardness of the paint film is like water, paint and other domestic large enterprises to overcome performance water-based paint has been more than traditional paint, will be more and more the pursuit of the environmental health of consumers .

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