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Difficult thermal silica film Q & A

A simple comparison with the thermal grease thermal silica tablets
1. Thermal conductivity: thermal conductivity higher than the thermal grease thermal silica films, respectively 4.0-5.5w / m.k and 1.75-2.75w / m.k
2. Insulation: thermal grease by adding a metal powder poor insulation; good thermal silica film insulation, 1mm thickness electrical insulation index at 3000 volts or more.
3. Form: thermal grease to pour cream; thermal silica film into a sheet.
4. Use: thermal grease required intentions spread evenly, easy to dirty surrounding devices and cause a short circuit; thermal silica film can be cut, torn off the protective film is directly attached with small tolerances and clean.
5. Thickness: fill the gap as a thermally conductive material, thermal grease restricted; thermal silica film thickness ranging from 0.3-16mm, a wide range of applications.
6. The thermal effects: thermal grease particles are large, easy to aging, thermal effects in general; thermal conductivity of silicon due to weak elastic, can greatly increase the heat conduction area between the body and the heat sink, fine processing technology complex, product performance and stability.
7. Price: thermal grease has been widely used, low price; thermal silica film multi-application LED lighting, power supplies, routers, switches, notebook computers, thin small precision electronic products, the price is slightly higher. Frequently Asked Questions Q & thermal silica film
Q: General needs to achieve the cooling function is not put in a metal heat sink (HEAT SINK) do?
A: The metal heat sink itself is hard because, when in contact with the IC if the junction between the two if the installation of thermally conductive flexible mounting angle and contact surface pressure does not mean that its heat source can not be effectively transmitted to the heat sink, materials which can effectively overcome the lack of contact with the surface of the problem.
Q: The installation of thermal silica film timing and application of what?
A: Generally speaking, if you are designing electronic products and position in space has been unable to install a fan and metal heat sink can be made by direct contact IC chip thermal silica and shell directly by thermal conduction heat transfer to the way external cold air of the product, to achieve the cooling effect.
  Q: The installation of thermal silica film for electronic products What are the benefits?
A: The most important issue in addition to product features stability Then, the general electronic components if long-term work in high temperature environment of the life of each part will be decreasing day by day, and even cause damage, if the installation of thermal silica films on IC make its operating temperature remains below the low temperature will effectively extend the life of its products.
  Q: I have rarely seen in the market to sell thermal silica films, nor any relevant information you reported such materials is the new product?
A: direct thermal silica film has been added directly to the plant or the cooling module assembly plants provided with electronic products, consumers see less, but perhaps you can try to see if you have a hand drive or graphics card, which some I have switched to the use of on-chip thermal silica film of. (As described later in the drive motor control chip, DRAM particles above the top of the display are labeled with thermal silica film), now on some phones (mobile phones Branch) on the housing have also used the thermal silica film.
Q: desktop and notebook computers using a thermally conductive material which also has it?
A: Generally low noise advertised or fanless NB are all achieve low noise or silence effect by a thermally conductive copper and thermal silica film with, most of the desktop computer using the thermal conductivity of the main positions in the Southern colonies, Northbridge, DDR memory use thermal tape, thermal paste location CPU usage, power supplies use thermal silica films. Q: a thermally conductive material can cause a short circuit between the electronic parts of it? A: All of our materials are all series of thermal insulation, withstand voltage of up to several thousand volts, will not harm the electronic components.
Q: Your eight thermally conductive material containing metal or hazardous materials it?
A: We are a full range of material testing of substances through the SGS inspection company, so far all customer specified hazardous substances are far below the standard.
Q: What materials are your company through UL safety-related test it?
A: Our thermal silica film are all UL94V-0 fire rating Please be assured that the use of our products.
Q: What your company can provide adhesive materials do?
A: We can increase the thermal silica film adhesive, single-sided and double-sided adhesive gum
Q: your company's thermal silica film material, which has several?
A: Our thermal silica film thermal conductivity and high thermal conductivity type applications into LG500, LG600 ultra-high thermal conductivity type, LC250 common type (gray), thermal grease, thermal conductivity potting, thermal double-sided adhesive, thermal graphite sheet, phase changes in thermal conductivity materials, thermal silica gel caps sets, silicone casing, graphite thermal film.
Q: thermal silica film surface slightly viscous your company's own role in it?
A: Our thermal silica film comes slightly viscous. Customers can easily locate and heavy industry to tear the material itself. So that the operator easy to remove from the chassis and re-use the heat sink, lower the use of our products.

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